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Tim McClure

Carlos Londoño

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Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Kansas Gang Investigator’s Association (KGIA) is to increase the awareness of gangs and gang activity within the State of Kansas and to assist law enforcement and other related agencies in recognizing and combating gang activity. The KGIA is committed to providing current information and establishing a network between the KGIA membership, fellow associations, law enforcement agencies, and the State Legislature.
About Us
The Kansas Gang Investigators Association was officially formed in April of 2006. The idea of this organization was thought of years prior when officers from the Dodge City/ Garden City area began to deal with an influx of gang related crimes as a result of West Coast Gang Influence. In 2004, Topeka Police Gang Intelligence Officers begin to network and share information pertinent to gang members, trends and other related topics with our Western Kansas counterparts. A partnership grew and information became fluid and more widespread. In 2005, The Topeka Police Gang Unit facilitated the Capital City Gang Conference which drew over 100+ criminal justice professionals. As a result of the success of this conference, KC metro area officers conceived the Metro Gang Task Force which included monthly intelligence meetings. Realizing that we needed to legitimize our gang problems in our state, the KGIA was officially formed introducing a more cohesive method in combating gangs in our region. Since a very successful inaugural conference in 2007, the KGIA continues to grow in size and strives to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Kansas.


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